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    • Bookkeeping and Cloud Accounting

    Bookkeeping Kamloops

    Data entry of each transaction and bank reconciliation takes a lot of time, however, these are necessary tasks to keep your books up to date. We will take care of it for you.


    Bookkeeping Kamloops

    Being on time in filing your GST, PST or WCB fees will save your money from penalties or questions from CRA.


    Bookkeeping Kamloops

    Payroll is a routine that needs a strict deadline. We will process it for you as well as your annual T4 filing and reconciliation.


    Bookkeeping Kamloops

    Business involves a lot of factors to consider for decision-making. Questions such as do I have good internal control to protect my cash or inventory, what is the status of my cash flow or should I buy or lease need to be addressed and put in the hands of an expert.


    Bookkeeping Kamloops

    A budget keeps you on the right track to achieve your goal as well as checking on your growth. It is also necessary if you need further financing for your business expansion.


    Bookkeeping Kamloops

    Good management of your accounts receivable will help you in your cash flow and good management of your accounts payable will help you take advantage of discounts and avoid penalties or interests.

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