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Do you need a guide as you start a business? Starting a business involves a lot of intricacies such as what type of business is right for you whether it's a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation? How do you set up your books of accounts? Do I need to register for a GST account or Payroll account?

As you grow your business, are you able to figure out why you don't have enough cash to pay your staff? What is your financial performance this year compared to last year? What is my strategy to get a business loan to expand my business?

We can help you answer all these questions customized to your own business and circumstance.

Business involves a lot of factors to consider for decision-making. Questions such as do I have good internal control to protect my cash or inventory, what is the status of my cash flow or should I buy or lease need to be addressed and put in the hands of an expert.

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